Let us help you...


Product Sourcing

Your customers are your first concern. If you cannot find a product they have asked you to provide, please contact us immediately!

Manufacturer / Distribution Integration

If you are a manufacturer of PT or Industrial Products and want to better integrate with distribution channels, please contact us. 

Operational Audits

The only truth about your business is how your customers and prospects view your company. DKI provides Operational Audits both internal and external which will maximize your performance.

Inside / Outside Sales Training

With over 30 years of sales and sales management experience, DKI can help your sales organization be the very best in your industry. Rise above your competition by providing the best service based on what the industry needs.

Targeted Marketing Programs

DKI will help you get the right information about your company to the right people. Your company information is your biggest asset. We will ensure that the information is distributed properly. What your customers and prospects don't know about your business is curbing your ability for maximum success.